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Data analysis services allow businesses to get their data collected, processed and presented to them in the form of actionable insights while avoiding investments in the development and administration of an analytics solution.

With 35 years of experience in data analytics, Fistems is a reliable outsourcing partner for companies that want to gain quick, frequent and flexible analytical insights out of their data.

Our Vision

We set up effective cooperation in the course of which Fistems's analysts achieve data completeness and its correct interpretation due to obtaining information from both – data sources and people.
Clear analytics results
Fistems delivers analytics results in the form of Pre-built reports and dashboards for different business users delivered on a predefined schedule or triggered by certain events.
To ensure your data security, we store and process data within highly secure on-premises and cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud) facilities and conduct 24/7 in-house security monitoring.
Our Services

Fistems is a top-tier, professional IT & Financial services company in Pakistan that ensures commitment and dedication. Our successful track record in expanding businesses across various industries proves that we are the best at what we do!

Financial Data Analytics

Our data analytics consultants, solution architects, software developers, and compliance experts are ready to assist you in building a scalable financial analytics solution that will perfectly fit your unique goals and processes.

Customer Data Analytics

Fistems performs testing of all components in the customer data analytics solution – ETL/ELT, DWH, analytics module, reports and dashboards – to ensure that customer data is integrated, stored, analyzed and presented correctly and securely.

Sales Data Analytics

Fistems’s team is ready to help you establish efficient sales analytics to reap the much-desired gains and drive sales.

Supply Chain Analytics

Our data analytics experts are ready to design and implement a tailored supply chain analytics solution to help you build a highly resilient supply chain.

Regular Data Analysis

If you want to Get tons of raw data mined for actionable insights. Continuously get analytics results in different formats (reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, etc.). Benefit from different types of analysis (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, etc.). Consider outsourcing data analysis to us on a monthly subscription fee basis.

One-Time Data Analysis

If you are Eager to gain a quick insight into the most pressing problem Not looking for a long-term commitment. We offer one-time data analysis services for a fixed price.

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Step into our portfolio and witness the enchanting results we've crafted for our esteemed clients, where each project embodies our expertise, creativity, and dedication.